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Todays activities  

Sing Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes with Louise

Thursday- animal sounds game

 animal sounds activity.pptxDownload
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Click download to play  guess the animal sound. When activity opens, click the slideshow button at the top of the screen. 


Wednesday - Let's be creative

Tuesday - Playing with sounds 

Counting with Sabah

Mondays Nature Watch 

Join in with the actions and sounds

Friday Fun with maths ….

Friday - Counting with Sabah

Thursday - Let's play a game together …..

Wednesday - Singing The Weather Song

Wednesday - Let's be creative 

Take a photo of your child's creative building and send it to their key person via email with their name and anything they said. 

Tuesday - Counting Fruit with Sabah  

Model counting a set of objects to your child. Rearrange them and count them again. Encourage your child to joint in. Ask your child to re-arrange them and then you count them. Ask your child to check to see if you are right. If they struggle to count, count them together pointing to each object as you count.